Restaurant Energy Costs

Don’t Let Energy Costs Burn a Hole in Your Restaurant’s Budget

Restaurants have an insatiable appetite for energy, spending approximately $8 billion per year according to Pacific Gas & Electrics Food Service Technology Center. Before enjoying your meal, it’s typically prepared with that magical combination of orange and blue flame also known as natural gas. Energy prices aren’t immune to increases, squeezing restaurants already tight profit margins. Why should this matter to you? We’ll the answer is in the stats. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that restaurants, which cut energy expenses by 20%, can increase profits by 30% or more. What can you do with an additional 30% in profits? Three simple steps focused on cost, choice and an openness to change can make a tremendous difference in driving operating efficiencies and profitability at your restaurant. We’ll explore how to calculate actual costs in our next blog post. Too excited to wait? Contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your restaurants current energy consumption:
Ambere St. Denis

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With her background in restaurant management, Ambere really understands the unique needs of today's restauranteur when it comes to coverages and liability exposures. Since she partners with 200+ carriers she is able to exhaustively search and compare options for you so you know you are getting the best for your business!